Barcelona, Spain

The second most populous city in Spain, Barcelona is at the forefront of the EU in leading the shift to sustainable urban mobility. The city’s Urban Mobility Plan aims for a modal split of 80% sustainable modes by 2024. Part of the strategic plan towards carbon neutrality and more livable urban spaces, are Barcelona's ‘superblocks’, introduced in 2016.

Barcelona's REALLOCATE twin city: Bologna

LAB 1 - Pedestrians, cyclists & micro-mobility vehicles in shared spaces

Location: Carrer Consell de Cent, Open Streets, Parc de les Glòries

The team will study the key factors that affect the relationship between pedestrians, cyclists & micro-mobility vehicles in shared spaces. These active mobility modes share many characteristics and are friendly in principle, but conflicts can arise in shared spaces where pedestrians have priority. The aim is to develop a diagnosis and proposals for addressing possible conflicts.

The activities will cover: the collection of data on the perceived safety and sense of belonging, accident analysis, safety audits, behavioural analysis, the promotion of public awareness, and the implementation of solutions to mitigate conflict.

LAB 2 - Increased & integrated public transport accessibility  for people with disabilities

Location: Sant Martí

Barcelona aims to expand on its experience in delivering accessibility to public transport for people with disabilities through a demand responsive travel service. The aim is to optimise the door-to-door daily routes for people with disabilities through better equipped vehicles, smart systems and associated infrastructure. The actions comprise cooperation between local authorities, public transport operators and policymakers, and the direct involvement of people with disabilities in participatory workshops.

European Union

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Mission Cities

REALLOCATE is a project under the CIVITAS Initiative, an EU-funded programme working to make sustainable and smart mobility a reality for all, and contributes to the goals of the EU Mission Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.